Fast Cash And Payday Loans

The PA Department of Banking and Securities has received several complaints from consumers about various predatory loan practices, including so-called «payday loans» and auto title loans. Collectively, borrowers spend as much as $9 billion each year on payday loan fees. The whole idea of guaranteed payday loans no matter what is to make the borrower relax and calm down. While working on […]

Can You Get A Default Deleted? When Will It Drop Off If You Do Nothing?.

We could all use a little extra money. The extra payment can be quite high, especially if you work with untrustworthy lenders who are only there to benefit from your financial difficulties. A payday loan or cash advance loan can cost a lot. Payday loans are emergency solutions, so it’s difficult to plan ahead for […]

Common Types, Red Flags And How To Report

Three alternatives to keep you out of the payday loan trap. There may be special groups in your community who provide emergency financial help Research social service programs that focus on assisting low-income individuals and families in paying their bills. A payday loan is a short-term loan given by lenders in a very small amount, […]